Safety Committee

Networking with emergency, law enforcement & others for water safety

The Community Shred was well attended and we had almost a continuous line of people safely disposing of records from the time the truck arrived a little late to the end of the event. We appreciate the donations which help to make this affordable within the safety budget.

We are about to enter the summer recreational season, the fierce thunderstorm season and the early hurricane season so just a few pointers from one of our local members and water safety advocates:

  • Know the weather forecast, heed the weather forecast.
  • If a storm pops up, get to shore, tie up and wait for the storm to pass.
  • If caught by surprise in a storm, always try to point into the wind and waves to get thru it.
  • Never let the storm get on your beam (side) for any length of time.
  • Know exactly where your PFDs are, have them handy and when the weather gets rough put them on – Children thirteen and under should have them on when underway
  • When in danger think thru your actions and don’t make things worse.
  • Ensure your vessel is fit to float before you get underway. Don’t have loose items on board that can become dangerous projectiles.

The major preservation project for the Eaton Ferry Rd bridge that crosses Lake Gaston remains in progress, but may end right around Memorial Day Weekend. The Buoys will remain and should have been there since 1962. The LGA and LGWSC continue to petition the NC Dept. of Transportation to install Federal Code compliant navigation lights under the spans for safety as should have been done at the same time in 1962. We have asked the area NC Representatives and Senators for assistance. No Wake under the spans means No Wake or pay the fine.

The safest time of the year for property owners and Homeowner/Property Owner Associations has arrived when there are more people in lakeside homes and more eyes on what is happening in the neighborhood. Many associations communicate with their residents to let them know who is moving or selling so that people can be aware of what otherwise might arouse suspicion. Still, if something does not look right it is best to report to law enforcement, to call the owner, or to ask association officers for recommended action. No one should be bothered by neighbors looking out for neighbors.

TThe Lake Gaston Ladies Club has formed an E-911 Community Task Force (Emergency Call nine-one-one) to rekindle efforts to assist everyone locally in more effective communication with E911 Call Centers. New information cards have been designed and printed and if you or anyone in your subdivision wants this info just send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. A really smart video from the Task Force can be found at this LINK.

Last year, the Lake Gaston Water Safety Council, had a speaker who addressed how to make docks safer and boarding easier. That information can be found on the LGWSC Website.

As a reminder, the NC Department of Public Safety recommends that families develop a family emergency plan and discuss thunderstorm safety with all members of your household. Make sure your family knows basic safety measures, such as first aid, CPR and how to use a fire extinguisher. Find more information on tornadoes and emergency preparedness by visiting the North Carolina Department of Public Safety website, www.ReadyNC.org. Residents of Virginia may preferhttps://www.vaemergency.gov.

At this time of year as the weather gets hot and permanent residents and weekenders are out and about more often, take a moment and stop by your local Volunteer Fire Department, or Rescue Squad/Emergency Medical Services station, or Sheriff Department and say hello and drop off some soft drinks, or a case of water, or a pizza, or some Little Debbies. They will appreciate it and you will feel good yourself.