Lake Environment Committee

Maintaining the environmental well being of Lake Gaston

The Lake Gaston Weed Control Council (LGWCC) continues to fund herbicide treatments based upon recommendations from a Technical Advisory Group with support from the Lake Gaston Stakeholders Group.  PLM Lake and Land Management was once again selected as the application contractor for these treatments in 2020.

As of June 17, treatments for Hydrilla have not been scheduled. The treatment area will be in Lizard Creek north of River Road.

Treatments for Lyngbya are scheduled :

April 27, 28, 29

May 26, 27, 28

June 23, 24, 26

July 21, 22, 23  August and September dates TBD

Maps showing the specific treatment areas can be found at: http://www.lgwcc.org

Covid work restrictions placed on NCSU and Wildlife Resource Commission folks has required LGA to modify our plans for revegetation in 2020.  Typically a survey is conducted in the spring and fall of each year to determine the success of transplanting, organic spread of vegetation and the need for repairs to the exclosures, or "cages"

We conducted a fall survey in 2019 and had planned a spring survey in April.  Work alone restrictions has delayed this survey and we now hope to conduct it in early July. Results will then allow us to develop a very limited work plan for 2020 with a focus on preventing any significant degradation of cages, "hold what you have".  With limited resources and the concern for everyone's safety, we will not be asking folks to volunteer this year.

This collaborative effort with NCSU, the Commission as well as Virginia DGIF is how LGA members can directly develop and maintain a healthy lake ecosystem based on a diverse plant community dominated by native plant species. 

If you have volunteered in the past, we thank you. We hope to resume our full efforts in 2021.





The Dominion Energy public meeting to receive input on its Shoreline Management Plan scheduled at 9:30 AM on April 14, 2020 at 100 Oakwood Avene, Roanoke Rapids was postponed.

No information on a rescheduled time is available.

Effective March 1 Dominion Energy is operating under fish spawning operations. This means that Lake Gaston can be raised an extra foot (199-201 feet) to provide storage in support of spawning flows as necessary. Dominion Energy has stated that they don’t expect to raise the water level much more than a couple inches over 200 feet.