Safety Committee

Networking with emergency, law enforcement & others for water safety

Lake Gaston Association Safety Committee

lake gaston public safety
  • Meets: 2nd Friday of each month at 8:30 AM at Littleton Food & Spirits - 231 N. Mosby Ave., (Hwy 903) - Littleton, NC 27850
  • Email: Safety@lakegastonassoc.com Chair: Jack Saunders - (252) 578-5780

Mission Statement

Networks with emergency services, law enforcement and other organizations on land and water safety issues.

Primary Function

We are working to achieve or improve: increased law enforcement, boating safety, emergency medical service, fire protection, buoy maintenance, and Neighborhood Watch programs.

Save the date - April 25, 2020


Place RWVFD - same place as last year.  At 10:00 AM