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Sunset on Lake Gaston in Spring

Hopefully, by the time you read this bulletin, we will have recovered some from the high-water levels from two hurricanes last fall followed by the rainy spell leading into March. We've heard your voices and remained in close contact with Dominion Energy for updates, reports, anything to ease your concerns.

At a recent LGA monthly meeting, Dominion Energy's Corey Chamberlain reminded us of just how much rain we‘ve had from September 2018 to February 2019. During the September – February timeframe:

  • We were in flood control status 16 of the 22 weeks.
  • Highest water level 201.4 feet on February 24th (normal range is 199.0 to 200.0) Roanoke Rapids highest water level 132.2 (normal 127-132)
  • Our average river flows from September 22, 2018 to February 28, 2019 was 24,800 cubic foot per second (cfs) compared to 6,125 cfs from 1965 - 2017.

Let's hope by the time this bulletin reaches your home, the forecast will be sunny skies and warmer temperatures.

As we move outside to start our spring cleaning, we are encouraging everyone to take special efforts to clean up the debris. Please remember Dominion Energy prohibits the disposal of grass clippings, leaves and brush into our lake. These items are harmful to our fish, our vegetation, water clarity, etc. and they present safety issues as well. Please alert landscaping companies, neighbors and others of Dominion Energy's ruling.

This year our Lake Clean-Up Day is Saturday, June 1. Our drop off sites will be at Washburn's Marina and Adam Fields' Wakeboard property at south end of Eaton Ferry Bridge. This is an event where everyone can contribute to the beautification of Lake Gaston.

Items to be shredded can include any old paper records; staples and paper clips need not be removed, but please no three ring binders or heavy metal clamps. We can accept any amounts that can be processed in the time period.

The truck mounted shredder consumes about 10 book boxes/cases of paper every 8 minutes. People can stand and watch while the paper is shredded. The shredding is professional grade and is the same level of shredding contracted by banking institutions.

See you around the lake!

Mozine, President