President's Corner

News and more from the LGA President

President’s Corner
It’s an honor and privilege to become the new president of the LGA. I want to thank Don for his stewardship and guiding us through the pandemic. A very
difficult time for all and we managed to Zoom our way through it with technology and patience. Long ago lost track how many times we had to tell a speaker “you’re on mute” or how to turn on the camera.
After two monthly meetings and the return of committee meetings, indeed, it is good to be back face to face.
So what's next? First, I certainly want to enjoy my time doing this. I had a work colleague a long time ago advise me when doing something like this to “enjoy my time in the sun”. I plan to do that. We have a dedicated board who volunteer countless hours in support of the LGA mission.
I can say without reservation every board member cares deeply about the LGA and wants to do the right thing the first time. The committee work is where ideas are born and carried out to hopefully a successful and/or impactful conclusion. If you’ve never been on one of our committees, maybe this will be the year to step up and volunteer.
Over the year, you will hear repeated reference to upcoming projects and issues such as the lake vegetation survey, CERT, volunteerism, “What 3 Words”, etc. What we do is intended to “make a difference” and hope you can support us.
Just so you know, we are looking for someone to Chair the Education Committee. If you have an interest in this discipline, we need you. Next spring we hope to resume normal activities now that in classroom instruction is back in session. The Lakeside learning days which is intended for sixth graders is a key component to introduce students to the lake; many for the first time.
That’s all for now. We hope you find this edition of the Bulletin a good read. Please let us know what we can do better or have ideas we can include in the next edition.
Enjoy Lake Gaston, be safe and stay healthy.   A special place with incredible people.

President’s Corner
Spring has Sprung!
As we march into Spring, I hope that everyone is healthy and getting ready for Spring housecleaning and chores. Please exercise caution in cleaning up around the yard, especially if you end up on a ladder or the roof. Pay particular attention to outdoor fires and any cautions or limits that local officials may issue about burning. After a winter dry air and sunshine it is amazing how easily a fire can accidentally spread to nearby areas.
I hope you had a chance to participate in our recently held Meet the Candidate Forums in Northampton, Halifax, and Warren Counties. It is a great way to meet the folks looking to get your vote in a nonpartisan setting. The LGA conducts these forums as a service to the community, we do not endorse candidates or parties.
At the time of this writing, we are watching the spread of the Coronavirus disease (or COVID-19) and the efforts being taken to mitigate the growing threat it presents. Both the situation and response are fluid and sometimes changes daily. The LGA is tracking the recommendations of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as State and local Departments of Health as they may apply to our activities.
Our highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of our members and the community. We have postponed our Five County Forum until such time as the threat has subsided and will be evaluating our other activities as the situation evolves.
We must all do our part to minimize the spread of this disease. If all goes well, the spread will be checked and we will never know which of the protective measures succeeded. That will be a sacrifice worthwhile.
If you have lived or visited here more than a year, you probably know that Spring is also the time when we tend to get high run off into the Roanoke River. This brings the muddy water that is a natural part of the Spring cycle. It usually clears up as the weather warms up.
It is also when the Fish Spawning Season begins and runs through early June. During Fish Spawning Season, the flow rates out of Lake Gaston are specified for Dominion with much tighter limits than normal. In order to handle inflows from local rain events and maintain those tight flow specifications, Dominion is allowed to (and sometimes needs to) operate Lake Gaston at higher levels than normal.
Enjoy the Spring, be safe and be healthy.
Lake Gaston – Special Place, Incredible People!

This is my first President’s column … The first thing I want to do is express my thanks to past President, Mozine Lowe. Mozine led the LGA for the past two years, though some challenging times – ever positive, ever cheerful, and always effective. The whole Lake Gaston community owes her a hearty “Thank You!”

Sunset on Lake Gaston in Spring

Hopefully, by the time you read this bulletin, we will have recovered some from the high-water levels from two hurricanes last fall followed by the rainy spell leading into March. We've heard your voices and remained in close contact with Dominion Energy for updates, reports, anything to ease your concerns.

Eaton Ferry Bridge Construction Project at Lake Gaston

The construction project slated to perform rehabilitation of the Eaton Ferry Bridge, as well as perform causeway repairs, is scheduled to begin mid-July. The schedule continues through May 23, 2019. The contract has a few stipulations in regards to limitation of 2-way traffic across the bridge; Through the Tuesday after Labor Day (9/4/2018), limitation to 2-way traffic can only occur Monday through Thursday, at any time, EXCEPT during the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. as well as 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. That means that anytime outside those hours, limitation to 2-way traffic can occur. That also means that no limitation in 2-way traffic can occur from 5:00 a.m. Friday through 10:00 p.m. Sunday.