Safety Committee

Networking with emergency, law enforcement & others for water safety

Any member interested in sharing their thoughts on our education program and using their experience and knowledge to support the Education Committee is welcome. Being active with local students is a great way to provide an important service to our community.

The message is that your residence and/or subdivision before incidents makes you part of the solution. Many of the homes equipped with video equipment were not entered but skipped after capturing visual evidence. Like the old scout motto, "Be Prepared"

We had a big snow already and that should remind people to get in front of the next weather event. Buy the water, paper provisions, salt and canned food now, while they are in stock at the store. Most will be good until the next storm watch even for wind events. Make sure you have ways to contact family, emergency services and that you can be contacted.

In March with return of Daylight Savings Time, take the time to check/replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It could save your life and property.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein just recently put out an alert regarding callers claiming to be with the Social Security administration (even have the number displayed) telling those they call there is a problem with their benefits and ask for the new Social Security number and other data. They will not call you.

Clever scammers will mention something they have learned about you or a family member. It is still a scam. Social Security, the IRS, the FBI and VA offices will not call you and ask for information. Do not say yes (could be recorded as an assent) and do not give out personal information.