Lake Environment Committee

Maintaining the environmental well being of Lake Gaston

The Lake Gaston Weed Control Council (LGWCC) continues to fund herbicide treatments based upon recommendations from a Technical Advisory Group with support from the Lake Gaston Stakeholders Group.  Aqua Services, Inc. www.asilakemanagement.com  was awarded the application contract for Lyngbya Treatments which will increase to +/-300 acres in 2021.  PLM Lake and Land Management Corp. www.plmcorp.net  was once again selected as the application contractor for Hydrilla treatments. No specific treatment areas have been designated at this time for Hydrilla. Should infestations occur, treatments will be scheduled.

The initial treatment took place  April 19th-23rd 

Additional treatments for Lyngbya are scheduled : 

May 17-21st

June 14-18th

July 12-16th

August 16-20th and

September 13-17th 

The products to be used are Captain XTR, Cutrine Ultra, and AMP.  There are no swimming, irrigation, or fish consumption restrictions.

Here is a link to maps showing the specific treatment areas: ArcGIS - 2021 Lake Gaston Lyngbya Treatment Sites