LGA Membership

Your benefits as a member of the Lake Gaston Association

Telpage, a local internet provider, offers unlimited Internet access for only $13.95 per month - about 33% less than the public rate, OR subscribe for seasonal, short-term rates for members who come to the lake on weekends and would like internet access while here. Seasonal “Fast Activation” accounts are available at these low rates: $5-weekend, $7.50-week, or $13.95-month(Dialup is not provided in the South Hill area.)

The LGA has arranged this great benefit for its members who would like to use Telpage as their Internet Service Provider (ISP) and receive these many attractive features:

  • $13.95 monthly Deluxe Dialup Service includes 2 mailboxes for each subscriber
  • $13.00 monthly if Paid Annually ($156.00 Annual Payment)
  • Newly Expanded Service Area for Local Dialing to all but a few remote areas of Lake Gaston
  • Personal Web Site Hosting (6 mb)
  • Fast Connection Speeds, No Waiting or Cutoffs
  • Customized WebMail Portal (access your Email when away from home)
  • Priority Telephone Technical Support
  • Virus Protection and Spam Filtering

Part-time residents who do not need all the benefits above may subscribe to the Seasonal“Fast Activation” Dialup Account which provides internet access via a quick & simple process at low prices. After the one-time sign up, members simply Email or call Telpage during weekday business hours to have service activated for that weekend (noon Friday to Midnight Sunday), that week, or that month. No minimums - No maximums – and billed during month of use. For more information email email Telpage at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Lake Gaston Association is glad to offer discounts to individuals who belong to a POA that joins as a group.

HOA's / POA's joining as a group will receive a discounted general membership of $20 which represents a savings of $5 per property or lot within the subdivision. Individual property owner's who are already active LGA members, will receive a $5 refund.

To qualify for this group discount, all property owners (homes and lots) within the subdivision must join. Property owners who own multiple properties on Lake Gaston are not required to pay duplicate dues.

If your POA would like to save your property owners on their dues, and show support for the LGA, we ask that the Treasurer contact the LGA for additional information. We will coordinate with your HOA and provide a list of current members to avoid duplicate payments.

The member dues are to be collected by the HOA treasurer and submitted to the LGA as one payment. The list of property owners should accompany the payment, and should include appropriate contact information such as: name, mailing address, lot #, and e-mail address. We would prefer phone number as well. This information is kept confidential and only used for LGA communications.

For more information contact the Lake Gaston Association Marketing & Membership Committee: 

     Phone: 252-586-6577
     E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Lake Gaston Association represents property owners in the five counties of NC & VA that surround the Lake. The dedication and work of the LGA result in maintaining and enhancing the quality of recreational and residential enjoyment on Lake Gaston, and thereby protecting the Lake’s property values as well.

Property owners in the Lake area benefit from the efforts of the LGA in many ways, primarily in the lake-related areas of public and governmental affairs, lake environment, water quality, weed control, public safety, and public communication. The LGA becomes involved in any lake-related issue of concern to Lake Gaston property owners. Members receive a quarterly newsletter, and updated information on lake issues through the LGA website which also includes web links of interest. Benefits of a more tangible nature include discounted internet service and a special, as-needed “weekend only” internet rate for vacation home owners. The cost savings of just this one benefit is greater than the LGA's low annual dues of $25 per household.

Among other things, the LGA also represents the lake property owners with the Division of Water Resources and various other agencies involved with water quality and the environment, fishing, safety, lake levels, etc. It has fought against inter-basin transfer of Lake Gaston’s water supply and continues its search for weed control funding.

Please join and support the efforts of this organization. The LGA welcomes you to monthly member meetings of the Board of Directors (there are five from each county) who volunteer their time and efforts on behalf of lake property owners. Bring your comments and suggestions…and they will be heard the first Wednesday of the month. Brochures, applications to join, and further information may be found at lake real estate agencies or the Lake Gaston Chamber of Commerce. You may also call LGA at (252) 586-6577 or visit this website again.

For a single, “unified” voice on lake issues to Federal, State and local government agencies, the LGA is your choice. Won't you please join and be counted among the voice of thousands that support the work of the LGA? Even better….if you have some spare time in your week, won’t you consider serving your community? We invite you to share your special talents by serving on one of the LGA committees.