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It just seemed like only last month when I put pen to paper and wrote my longest ever From the Desk of article that took a whole page in our February/March 2019 LGA Bulletin. Mother Nature has not eased up on us - our whole country seems to be experiencing historic/horrific weather patterns.

The following year we did build a home, several years later we added on to the house because we decided to move to the lake permanently. And we had two boat docks, one for my husband’s fishing boat and one for the pontoon boat. I remember Lake Gaston being drawn down in 1988 (I believe it had to do with hydrilla being really bad at that time) to where we had no water at all in our part of the cove and on the main lake the water receded from the banks, but on the bright side we were able to apply to Dominion for permission to move a couple of stumps from the floor of the lake from when Lake Gaston 'was made.'

At our March 6 LGA monthly meeting Corey Chamberlain from Dominion Energy gave us a very informative presentation on Lake Gaston & Roanoke Rapids Operations, as well as the statistics of water coming into Kerr Lake and explained the need for going into Flood Control status. Here is the link to the presentation.

From time to time we receive requests from our members to have an additional email address in their membership record. We only have room for one email per record and we ask the requesting member to ask their spouse to forward them the LGA email. It’s not a case of adding space to the membership record for a second email address, it’s a case of the volume of email addresses that that would mean. At one email address per record we are around 1,900 emails and growing. There are rules that govern bulk email lists, I can’t just hit send and all 1,900 emails go at once. We have to use a mail server to spread out the delivery of those emails so LGA emails make it to your inbox vs. spam. We thank you for your understanding.

In preparation for summer we have two great presentations that were given at one of our LGA monthly meetings by Tony Moran (our Marketing & Membership chair) - “Snakes Around the Lake Area” in 2017 and “Dangerous Spiders Around Lake Gaston” in 2018. Here are the links: