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LGA Monthly Board Meeting

Wednesday, May 4, 2022, 9:30 a.m.

Lake Gaston Baptist Church


Call to order: 9:38 a.m. 

Attendees:  John Cataldo, Moira Underwood, Carol Warfel, Lew Stringer, Eric Wooster, Jeff Zimmer, Brian Goldsworthy, Carol Warfel, Beverly Summerfield

Also in attendance: Warren 1, Halifax 2, Northampton 5,  Brunswick 1, Mecklenburg 0, other 0Total 9

Welcome  - Brian Goldsworthy welcomed all and noted the absence of Luly & Don Carson due to a family death as well as Judy and Tony

Approval of Agenda (Eric/Jeff ) passed

Announcements: Moira’s upcoming retirement and send off at upcoming June 11th annual membership meet, introduction of Beverly Summerfield our new Executive Director, Jack Saunders Shred Event 5/7 10AM-1PM rain or shine

Member & Visitor Introductions -

Speaker: Jason Harrell, President, Vidant North Hospital. 

Topic: Future of Health Care in the East (of NC)

Jason described how Vidant North is now evolving into ECU Health North Hospital, the ECU health system and integration with ENC Brody School of Medicine. He reviewed the Mission, Vision, and values of the system. The rural nature of Eastern NC, need for Primary Care Physicians(PCP) and Nurses, behavioral health demand, and transportation constraints for patients was discussed and strategies to address these. He went into detail on what ECU Health is doing now to include a chemo unit, heart clinic/Cath lab, telemedicine and new technology in women’s care. He mentioned they are struggling to locate a pulmonologist to work at the North Hospital.

ECU Health is in the process of looking closely at needs of the LKG community and developing a plan to reopen the Wildwood Clinic. They are also making significant investments in infrastructure(HVAC systems) and plan to completely remodel and improve the ER. They are licensed for 204 beds, but constrained by nurse headcount and to hold a 1:5 patient ratio can only accommodate on average 70 beds (26 in the ER).

The auxiliary is looking for volunteers. Contact Kay Hines, Vidant North Hospitals Volunteer Services Coordinator, at 252-535-8687 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Committee News:

Government Relations – John provided a quick recap on the recent Meet the CandidateForums. Committee will be doing a review and discuss activities for remainder of the year.

Lake Clean Up –June 4th is our lake cleanup day. Members will be placing signs out and around LKG to encourage road and lakeside clean up.

Lake Environment- is preparing for running E. coli tests on water samples from major creeks in the watershed. At our next committee meeting we have a representative from Warren County Environmental Health to discuss concerns regarding over occupancy of rentals and their potential impact on water quality. Plans underway for Habitat Enhancement work this June. A volunteer brochure was made available.

Public Safety Committee – Working on Warren County CERT. Waiting for a media release by the County. Lew reminded folks the need for and availability of the 911 info cards here today.

Treasurer’s Report – copies of budget status distributed. No questions

Issues/Concerns from Members: 

• Questions were asked regarding Northampton County plans for Edwards Beach and sewer system expansion. These were answered by Eric.
• A question was asked regarding Lyngbya treatments this year. Jeff answered this and referred to the info posted on the LGA and Weed Council web sites.

Move to adjourn (Eric/Jeff) passedTIME: 10:45 am