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LGA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - APPROVED APRIL 7, 2021
VIA Zoom
Note: Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Board continues to meet via Zoom. This was our fourth meeting where we invited the membership.
Meeting called to order at 9:35 AM by President Don Carson. Those participating in the meeting were Directors Carol Warfel, Al Potter, Jeff Dowhan, Jeff Zimmer, John Cataldo, David Murphy and Brian Goldsworthy. Also attending were Executive Director Moira Underwood and Luly Carson. We had a total of 18 attendees.
Today’s Agenda was approved. (JZ/BH)
The March 10, 2021 meeting minutes approved (BH/JZ) and have been posted on the web site.
Don advised the LGA Finances are in excellent shape and we expect to have a Treasurer in place at the Saturday, June 12 Annual Meeting.
The Board announced the Jack D Saunders Community Shred Event will take place on May 8, 2021. Please see the web site for more details.
Don introduced Jessica Baumann, Extension Associate, Lake Gaston Aquatic Plant Management Program, NCSU.
Jess shared with us a summary of the Fall 2020 Vegetation Survey. In addition, she spoke of the treatment plans for Hydrilla and Lyngbya over the summer months. The presentation was very informative and we have attached on this page her PowerPoint. There is some excellent content which should be of interest to all who live or play on the lake. Some highlights:
• COVID-19presentedsomeuniquechallengesbutthesurveywassuccessfully completed. We had 65+ volunteers take the time last September and October for the survey. If you have never done this, it’s highly recommended. The fall colors plus cooler temperatures make the rake toss even more enjoyable. Even better you can do it with friends.
• 400volunteerhourswerespenttomakethishappen.
• Datawascollectedfrom5,368pointswithagoalevery200feetaroundthe
300+ mile shoreline.
• Therewasgoodnewsandbadnewstoanalyzewhichareexplainedindetail.

• ProfessionalsfromNCSUconductedasonarsurveywhichensuredtheentire shoreline was sampled.
• Lyngbya,anative,nuisanceblue/greenalgae,isexpandingonthelakeand throughout most of the Southeast.
Please take a few minutes to learn more about the 2021 Lyngbya treatment plan. If this of interest, please consider becoming a member of the Lake Environment Committee. Jeff Zimmer is the Chair and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. At the very least, we need more volunteers in the fall to dedicate a Saturday or Sunday to toss the rake. Training is provided.
If you have questions for Jessica Baumann, you can reach her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Don then asked if the Committee Chairs present had an update on their activities.
Lake Clean Up Chair Carol Warfel advised on March 30 LGA Board members participated in a litter clean up along local roads. We are all disappointed by the unsightly clutter and figure we should walk the talk to join other groups doing similar activities. June 5 will be the Annual Lake Clean Up day. More details to come.
Jeff Zimmer, Lake Environment Chair, said volunteers are needed to assist with cage repair on June 14-17. This is a shallow water activity and is critical to keep grass carp and turtles away from the young vegetation.
Our next meeting on May 5 will also be by Zoom and our guest speakers are Chief Lorenzo Wilkins, RWVFD who will talk about fire insurance rates and Sherry Herzing, will provide an update on the 911 Community Task Force. Fingers crossed, we hope to resume face to face meetings in time for the Saturday, June 12, Annual Meeting at the Lake Gaston Baptist Church.
With no further questions or comments, motion by BH/JZ to adjourn and passed. Meeting adjourned at 11:05 AM.
Respectfully submitted,
Brian Goldsworthy, VP and Acting Secretary