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LGA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - APPROVED February 3, 2021
VIA Zoom
Note: Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Board continues to meet via Zoom. This was our second meeting where we invited the membership.
Meeting called to order at 9:35 AM by President Don Carson. Those participating in the meeting were Directors Carol Warfel, Al Potter, Jeff Dowhan, Jeff Zimmer, John Cataldo, David Murphy, Judy Waters, Brian Goldsworthy and Executive Director Moira Underwood. We had a total of 28 attendees.
Today’s Agenda was approved. (JZ/JD)
Don explained we do not have a Treasurer report this month due to the excused absence of Jack Saunders.
Don then introduced Ms. Leanne Patrick, President/CEO of the Lake Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce. Leanne was born and raised in Roanoke Rapids and graduated from Meredith College. She spent some time in real estate before joining the Chamber last August.
Leanne explained the Chamber of Commerce has been around for over 400 years in some shape or fashion. With 450 members, the Chamber is an advocacy group to represent its membership around the lake in the 5 counties. Her task has certainly become more complicated due to the pandemic. The popular Business After Hours event has been a great opportunity to network and welcome new members. That is on hold but the Chamber has resumed ribbon cutting ceremonies for new businesses. She stated the Big Splash Raffle will take place this summer which is a great fundraiser for the Chamber. It was clear Leanne is rising to the challenge in this era of social distancing and has lots of ideas once face to face meetings can again take place.
Don thanked Leanne for speaking to the LGA and she will be presented with an LGA thank you coffee cup.
Don then asked if the Committee Chairs present had an update on their activities.

Jeff Zimmer, Lake Environment Chair, noted the committee is reviewing a video that the NC Department of Environmental Quality has produced which we plan to post on our web site. Jesica Baumann, Lake Manager from NC Extension, will be presenting the initial results from the 2020 vegetation management actives at an upcoming LKG stakeholders meeting. This will be the subject of the April LGA monthly meeting. Jeff concluded by stating his committee continues to meet in support of E coli testing kits, cage repair and vegetation planting as well as the fall vegetation survey. It’s an active committee and more volunteers are needed.
Education Chair Jeff Dowhan encouraged everyone to support your local elementary school by donating books.
Lake Clean Up Chair Carol Warfel noted the large amount of trash along our roads. Her committee is working on a clean up effort this spring. During the Q&A, a question was raised about the water level at the lake. Don responded the lake isn’t abnormally high. We have had a fair amount of rain end of last year and first of this year but Dominion is doing a good job keeping the water level within the range previously agreed (less than 200.5 feet above sea level). He reminded everyone if you live behind a culvert, it isn’t uncommon for the water level to be high since it takes longer for the water to pass through the culvert.
Our next meeting on March 3 will also be by Zoom and our guest speaker is scheduled to be Corey Chamberlain with Dominion Energy.
With no further questions or comments, motion by DM/JZ to adjourn and passed.
Meeting adjourned at 10:35 AM.
Respectfully submitted,
Brian Goldsworthy, VP and Acting Secretary