Lake Clean Up Committee

  •   Meets:  Last Wednesday of each month at the Tammy's Place at 239 Hwy 158 in Littleton, NC 27850 at 10:30 a.m.
  •   Email:
  •   Chair:  Carol Warfel   -  (434) 636-4029

Committee Mission Statement / Function


To organize and carry out an annual spring lake-wide Lake Gaston Clean Up Day.


Primary Function... 

The Committee will develop a plan and solicit the support of local businesses, Lake organizations and citizens to remove debris from Lake Gaston’s waters, shoreline and bordering thoroughfares on a designated day in the spring of each year. The Committee will arrange for advertising of the event, procurement of necessary supplies, and coordination of the cleanup activities on the day of the event.


Monthly Lake Cleanup Committee meetings are held the last Wednesday of the month at 10:30 a.m. at the Tammy's Place at 239 Hwy 158 in Littleton, NC 27850 on Route 903 south of the lake. Everyone is invited to participate. Contact them at


For more information about our Lake Clean-up events, email or call the LGA office at (252) 578-6849 or toll free (888) 586-6577 or (252) 586-6577.


Current Projects

Hats off to our many 9th annual Fall Lake Survey volunteers for a job well done!!


The Lake Environment Committee and dedicated volunteers are currently finishing up the Annual Fall Lake Survey. This year certainly has presented some unique challenges for us.


First we did not have the support of our so called “Plant Guy” Bruce Johnson who decided to vacation in Alaska for the summer. The good news, we had two capable folks who stepped up to coordinate the project.


Dave Murphy our technology expert gave us a new twist with immediate map updates and the folks who did a specific area and this will allow us to know who did what the next year


And Judy Waters who has been delivering the tablets all over the lake. She has done a great job also.


So thanks to both of them we will finish the survey, and lots of thanks to our new Lake Manager, Jessica Baumann. She and her crew have helped a great deal this year in getting areas that are difficult and ones we could not find volunteers to complete. We will now assess our new process and see what needs to be improved to make next year better. Any feedback is most welcome.


I do want to thank the “many volunteers” who continue to make this a successful project to assist in the critical decision making for the following year on treatment plans. The lake runs on volunteers. We always need more.


Our last meeting of the year will be November 21, at the Kitchen Table in Gasburg, VA at 8:30 a.m. All are welcome as usual.


After our November meeting we will be in recess till March. I want to wish all our generous volunteers a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday, A Merry and Blessed Christmas and Joyful New Year.


Thank you all! from our Lake Environment Committee Members


Planning for 2019’s Lake Clean-Up Day is underway...

Save the date – June 1, 2019

As of this writing, the Lake Clean-Up committee is looking into making some adjustments to our program to make it more productive for all. We will be meeting soon to go over those adjustments. Please check the April/May 2019 Bulletin.


As always, we still proclaim that “Every day is Lake Clean-Up Day” and we can all be part of that by picking up trash along the road in your neighborhood. It is such a shame that people feel that they can use the road for their trash can. There seems to be no respect for how our roads look.


I know of several groups that do go out and clean up along the roads in their areas and that is very much appreciated. If anyone feels they would like to form a group to do an area, please contact us and we’ll attempt to put something together.


If you have any questions or suggestions and want to indicate your willingness to participate, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email below or call us at (252) 586-6577 or 1-888-586-6577. We thank you for your support of the LGA and our efforts to preserve and protect Lake Gaston.