Lake Clean Up Committee

  •   Meets:  Last Wednesday of each month at the Tammy's Place at 239 Hwy 158 in Littleton, NC 27850 at 10:30 a.m.
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  •   Chair:  Carol Warfel   -  (434) 636-4029

Committee Mission Statement / Function


To organize and carry out an annual spring lake-wide Lake Gaston Clean Up Day.


Primary Function... 

The Committee will develop a plan and solicit the support of local businesses, Lake organizations and citizens to remove debris from Lake Gaston’s waters, shoreline and bordering thoroughfares on a designated day in the spring of each year. The Committee will arrange for advertising of the event, procurement of necessary supplies, and coordination of the cleanup activities on the day of the event.



Current Projects

None scheduled at this time, come back soon for updates.



Donations Welcome

The Lake Gaston Association continues to be your primary voice on the Lake and we are providing significant volunteer time to the improvement of the lake's water quality, health of the fishery, and recognition of first responders.


Our committees have done a solid job this past year in representing our members, gaining significant agreements with the USACE and Dominion Power regarding high water levels, holding political forums, representing you at the various County Commissioner / Supervisor meetings, and hosting a number of community service events (including Lakeside Learning Days, Lake Clean-Up Day, community shred events, fire safety events, the annual aquatic survey, re-vegetation events and more).


Not everyone is able to personally participate in such activities, but if you would like, and are able to play a larger part to help finance these worthwhile activities, please consider donating to the LGA.


Donation contributions can be mailed to LGA, or you can DONATE securely on-line using PayPal® below. Please review our Privacy Policy regarding on-line security.



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