Safety Committee

  •  Meets:  2nd Friday of each month at 8:30 AM at Tammy's Place - 239 Hwy 158 - Littleton, NC 27850.
  •  Email:
  •  Chair:  Jack Saunders  -  (252) 578-5780


Committee Mission Statement / Function


Networks with emergency services, law enforcement and other organizations on land and water safety issues.


Primary Function...

We are working to achieve or improve: increased law enforcement, boating safety, emergency medical service, fire protection, buoy maintenance, and Neighborhood Watch programs.



Current Projects

Five County Report...

The Lake Gaston Association has released a report of its comprehensive five-county EMS/E-911 review conducted by the Public Safety Committee throughout last year. Since it is a 16-page report, the following is provided as a quick summary of “what you should know.”

  • While each county’s EMS and E-911 organizations are performing adequately in their counties, enhancements are possible that would benefit the citizens.
  • Average response times among the five counties vary as follows: (Warren – 21; Halifax for Warren (WCRS) – 10; Brunswick – 10; Halifax – 8; Northampton – 8; Mecklenburg – 6).
  • That portion of Warren County adjacent to Lake Gaston (approximately ¼ of the county) is serviced by Warren County Rescue Squad (WCRS) under contract to Halifax EMS and paid annually by Warren County on a call volume basis.
  • In Brunswick County, each agency is responsible for itself and no county employee formally oversees EMS.

Volunteers are always needed to become responders; however there are other duties that can be accomplished by non-technical volunteers such as administrative support. You can help.


The full report was forwarded to the Chairs of each of the five-county Boards of Commissioners/Supervisors in early February. To read the cover letter/executive summary click here. The report will also be a topic of discussion with county officials at the LGA’s upcoming Five-County Forum on March 15. The Forum will be held at the Lake Gaston Lions Club Den from 9 a.m. to noon. The Forum is open to the public. To read the full EMS/E-911 Review report, click here.


For more information regarding current projects or committee meetings, please contact the Safety Committee using the email address above.



Emergency 911 Service Information Lake Gaston

For all emergencies in any location in the five counties surrounding Lake Gaston, dial 911. All 911 calls are responded to by county emergency 911 services which will ask for the nature of the emergency, a contact name, street address, and call back number. If using a cellular phone, callers must ensure the 911 service is told an accurate address to respond to since exact location is not determined by cell towers in most cases. It is important that the caller remain on the line until the 911 operator acknowledges that all necessary information has been recorded.


In most instance, reverse 911 or Code Red, services are available by registering with the county Emergency Services Department on-line, which signs individuals up for notification of severe weather or county declarations of school closings.


Public Safety News

In order to ensure that members have the opportunity to be informed of emergency situations at their lake property please take select the appropriate county below to review emergency information:


The information available from the county emergency services offices is local to the county and areas of the affected county. It is also potentially the timeliest source of information tied to a specific address. As a for instance, the counties all receive up to date, accurate weather information from the National Weather Service and the state governments. Dominion Power has the counties’ emergency services offices in its notification tree. The Lake Gaston Association will still provide high water warnings and other critical information, but our communication is not as timely as that available through these official emergency services sources.


Be prepared and stay safe this winter...

Since this input is for safety awareness, there is a challenge of how to have suggestions become action. If there is no action, the article is just noise. So please, if you read something that might make your life safer, take action now, not later or tomorrow.


Before the bitter cold drops in and being in the wind off the water becomes really miserable, take the time to secure dock items and all watercraft, so that when spring comes there are not more surprises than you can handle. Winterizing personal watercraft and powered boats, while having a cost, is definitely less costly than repairs after damage from hard freezing temperatures.


Vessels need to be lifted out of the water with structure folded away or removed so that high water does not result in vessel or dock damage, and remember it never hurts to have a line tying vessels to docks even on lifts. The use of heavy duty tongue locks, or wheel boots or a removed wheel may stifle a theft of a boat or jetski stored in the driveway.


Look out for your neighbors and try to have ways to contact them if there is an issue with their property or an area power or water outage. Have a friend check on you when the weather is bad.


Make sure that items around the home do not scream out that there is no one home. Have a neighbor watch for handbills on doors, phone books in driveways, open doors, fallen trees, out of location trash receptacles, overgrown yards, or broken water lines.


Make sure that proper preparation for winter is taken to avoid severe damage to a residence. Disconnect water hoses from outdoor spigots and drain hoses. Ensure batteries are fresh in Smoke Detectors and install Carbon Monoxide Detectors if heating or cooking with gas.


Detectors if heating or cooking with gas. Employ surveillance cameras as a neighborhood or individually for property protection. Let local Sheriff Departments know the property will be unused for a time and most will perform random checks of entryways. Don’t leave valuable assets vulnerable to theft in an unoccupied residence; record serial numbers and have proper property insurance for your valuables.


Part of preparing for the colder months is thinking about the condition of wood burning stoves and their chimneys. Proper maintenance is key to avoiding chimney fires, and proper ventilation is critical to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.


poisoning. Buy the salt pellets now and store them where they will be needed when you go out for the mail or paper, or to keep from falling on your own steps. A small investment could save your life and those of your loved ones.


Have a great and safe Holiday Season. In your neighborhood be vigilant for unusual traffic and vehicles; SEE SOMETHING – CALL LAW ENFORCEMENT. Read something helpful? Take action now!