Lake Gaston Association 2018 Survey

The Lake Gaston Association Board has been working to fulfill our mission to "identify lake issues affecting our members and pursue resolution with the responsible organizations". In our efforts to serve our members in the community, as the "Primary Voice on Lake Issues", we need to hear from you. We want to understand and represent your collective thoughts, and this will help the LGA with future actions we take.


Please complete the Questionnaire prior to the cut-off date of May 31, 2018.


Please note: We will not share your personal information - please see our privacy policy for more information.


Browser Compatibility: As it is impossible to test every browser, all versions of browsers, and all smart devices for compatibility issues with the survey form, there may be some instances that an error may occur when submitting the survey because of incompatibility issues. If you encounter problems, please take the time to download a PDF version of the survey and mail it to us - 2018 Survey PDF Format.


We would appreciate you completing all fields on the Survey - the YES / NO fields are required fields. The last section of the survey has 8 issues listed and 2 fields for you to specify any additional issues you may have. Please read through the issues and then assign the number 1 to the issue you feel is your greatest concern, number 2 to the next issue you feel is important, and continue by selecting 10 to the issue of your least concern. Assign only one number to each issue.




Please provide demographic info: (Use the TAB Key after each entry to fill in all form fields)



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Do you own a House, Land, or Business at Lake Gaston? (select all that apply)

        House         Land         Business


County Location of Property: (select all that apply)

        Brunswick       Halifax       Mecklenburg       Northampton       Warren


If you own a house, do you live at the Lake full time or part time (vacation home)?  


What is the head of household's age range?  



Please rate the LGA's OVERALL effectiveness in supporting you:



Please rate the LGA's effectiveness in these CATEGORIES:


COMMUNICATIONS (e.g., inform members and public of issues, government meetings, LGA activities, lake levels, member position on issues, outreach to press/radio/media, website)

Brief Comment: 


COMMUNITY SAFETY (e.g., pursue safety legislation, support law enforcement and emergency medical response, fire protection, neighborhood watch programs)


Brief Comment:  


GOVERNMENT ((e.g., influence/petition government to improve lake area services, support lake-protective planning and zoning, control taxes)


Brief Comment:  


ENVIRONMENT / WATERSHED PROTECTION (e.g., monitor water quality, lake levels, insect control, use of chemicals, protect lake's shoreline, fish and wildlife)


Brief Comment:  


WATER SAFETY (e.g., support of boating safety, operations, and buoy maintenance)


Brief Comment:  


INVASIVE AQUATIC  WEEDS (e.g., support and/or influence Weed Control Council and Stakeholders Board, influence / appeal to government entities for funding, educate the public)


Brief Comment:  



EDUCATION Conduct lakeside learning days for area school districts, in school career and special subject presentations, conduct joint school district forums.


Brief Comment:  


Please answer these specific questions: (these answers are REQUIRED FIELDS)


Are you aware that dumping grass clippings, leaves, etc. into the lake is harmful to water quality and provides the nutrients for noxious weed and algae growth?


Do you believe wave driven shoreline erosion is a problem on Lake Gaston?  

Is siltation from rainwater run-off a concern to you?  

Would you be willing to install a vegetative buffer on your property to prevent run-off?  

Would you agree to have native aquatic vegetation planted near your property?  

Do you, your HOA or neighborhood go in together to fund control of noxious weed?  

Have you, your HOA or neighborhood paid for private treatment for noxious weeds on your shoreline in the last 2 years?  

Do you believe that promoting / marketing Lake Gaston as a travel / tourism destination would benefit the area?  

Do you believe that assisting area school districts in improving their scholastic performance can lead to additional real estate and economic development, and support a viable job market that will benefit the lake community?  

Are you a volunteer in any capacity to any school, group or community service in the lake region?  

Would you be willing to provide some volunteer time or additional volunteer time (i.e. tutor / mentor local students, support LGA and / or Chamber of Commerce activities, etc.)?  

If Yes area(s) of interest:    

Does your sub-division or community have a Neighborhood Watch Program?  

Are you aware that the LGA will provide Neighborhood Watch training programs at your Subdivision/ Community's request?  

Do you 'buy local' to support the economic benefit to the lake region provided by area businesses?  

Are you in favor of there being more 'public access' to the lake through the development /building of piers, boat launches and swimming areas?  

Are you aware that the LGA'S influence on State, County and Local Governments is determined by the strength of our membership?  


What is your LGA Membership Status:  


Member or not, what do you consider to be the greatest benefit of membership? 


Member or not, what do you consider to be the primary function of the LGA?


If you are not a current LGA Member, please say why you have not joined or renewed?


Please tell us what your issues/areas of concern regarding owning property at Lake Gaston are by ranking all the topics below, with number 1 being your area of greatest concern and 10 being your least concern. Assign only one number to each issue. This will help provide focus for our efforts.


Water Safety:



Community Safety:

Lake Clean-Up:


Environmental/Watershed Protection:

Invasive Aquatic Plants:

Other - 1:

(please specify other:)  


Other - 2:

(please specify other:)  


General COMMENTS: (include suggestions for improvement)