Lake Gaston Association Focus Items

Following the completion of a Focus Item survey of our members conducted in the spring of 2006 and 2009, LGA officers assigned the top-ranking items to the appropriate committees. Committee Chairs were tasked to come up with action plans for these focus items and include them in their committee plans for the remainder of the year. The committees were already working on many of the areas of concern, but refocused on those top priorities as indicated by our members.


The FOCUS ITEMS assigned to each committee are outlined below:


Lake Environment                                                                Safety

  • Lake Eco Well Being
  • Support Water Quality Management
  • Shoreline Management Plan
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Support Lake Gaston Weed Control Council
  • Support Lake Gaston Stakeholder Board
  • Increased Law Enforcement
  • Boating Safety
  • Emergency Medical
  • Increased Fire Protection
  • Buoy Maintenance
  • Legislation Supporting Improved Safety
  • Neighborhood Watch/CERTS

Government Relations                                                        Planning & Development

  • Petition Government Support
  • Increase Influence on Government
  • Increase LGA's participation in Government
  • Create Legislative Agendas
  • Encourage Voter Registration/Participation
  • Participate in & Influence Planned Lake Area development
  • Monitor & Influence County Planning & Zoning Activity
  • Monitor County-wide Land Use Plans
  • Support County-wide Zoning

Marketing                                                                            Membership

  • Support Chambers and Tourism
  • Grow the Lake Gaston Association Membership