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As a member of the LGA, you can expect your dues to contribute to the expenses associated with the ongoing efforts of your Board of Directors as we work, on a volunteer basis, to identify lake issues affecting our members and pursue resolution with the responsible organizations. That is our mission.

Each paying membership, General and Supporting, will receive the LGA Bulletins, LGA emails on issues and events, and two votes at the LGA annual meeting. Those providing active email addresses will also receive E-messages concerning LGAlerts and LGAdvisories, current issues and events.

Our wonderful Supporting Members and Business Members will also receive recognition for this generosity with a listing and a link to their website.

Membership is based on the calendar year, and dues are payable January 1. The LGA does not sell or otherwise provide personal member information to the public.

Please contact for further information or inquiries regarding membership status or definitions.

As a member of Lake Gaston Association, you will occasionally receive correspondence from us via e-mail. The Because of potential viruses and spam mail, many email servers require that you identify those addresses from which you you will accept e-mail messages. Please be sure your server will accept mail from the



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NEW & RENEWING MEMBERS: If you are submitting dues by mail rather than On-Line via PayPal, please print & mail the confirmation form that will appear when you Submit this form. Sorry, but we cannot update your renewal year status until we receive your dues. Please mail all correspondence to the following address:
Lake Gaston Association
PO Box 656
Littleton, NC 27850