Lake Gaston Association Silver and Bronze Members - 2012

The Lake Gaston Association relies almost exclusively on the dues provided by our members to accomplish its many objectives. The Silver and Bronze members listed below have graciously contributed at the higher dues levels to assist the LGA in reaching its goals. We acknowledge and appreciate their demonstrated interest and participation in helping the LGA accomplish its mission by their membership at the Silver and Bronze levels. If you are interested in supporting the Lake Gaston Association as a Silver or Bronze member, please contact us or click here to join the LGA.



Individual Silver Members
$100 Per Year
Individual Bronze Members
$50 Per Year

Almarie C. Matthews

Mary Ellen Appleman Larry & Joy Johnson
Christine & Charles Jacobs Al & Anne Hartley Marion K Taylor, Jr.
Ellsworth & Shelley Row Alan & Pat Tashima Mark Bordner
Eric & Andrea Smith Ann W. Stephenson Mary Griffin
Jack & Anna Saunders Barbara King & Ron Bryant Michael Kansler
Karl & Elizabeth Groeger Bill Sewell Mike & Eileen Hendren
Patricia Montross Brenda Wiggins Mike & Gail Burkes
S. Bruce Smith Carl Barkley Mike & Lori Wile
Shirley & Herman Burgess Don & Jen Reynolds Mike Sullivan
Wilson & Mary Lou Sheridan Don Basinger, Jr Mitch & Cathy Moser
  Doug Pagano Pam Howard
  Eleanor Johnson Paul & Julie Rakowski
  Frank Donald Warren Peter & Nancy Vetreno
  Fred & Deborah Weir Preston & Gail Morris
  G.C. Warren R David Mustian
  Gerard & Monica Leftwich Ralph Liebelt
  Glenn H. & Joyce Owen Richard A. Stimson
  Greg & Mary Veraa Robert P. Schultze
  Hazel Ross Robert W. Via
  Jack & Kay Gates Robert Walker
  Jack & Susan Hayes Ronald Helms
  Jan & Howdy Tomlinson Ruth & Gary Mock
  Jay & Mollie Firebaugh Sally Gerhardt
  Jean Houston Thomas L Garden
  Jim Peeler Tom Lynch
  Jimmy & Tannis Rudder Velna Hux
  Joanne & Kim O Donnell Waggy W. Franklin Minton
  Jodi Fuller W. Stephen & E. Diane Wood
John & Sandy Schmidt William Carroll, Jr
  Kelly Norris William J & Patricia R Snipes
    William W & Linda P Thompson