Your Benefits as a Member of the Lake Gaston Association

As individual taxpayers disbursed over two states and five counties, the influence we each have on local issues is diluted because of our geography. It is further diluted because of our high percentage of non-resident property owners unable to vote.

Politicians do, however, recognize the strength of our collective interests through the LGA. The LGA is the single body that represents the interests of property owners from all five counties and both states who contribute a significant amount to the county revenue. It is our membership base that results in our recognition and allows us to influence the decision makers for Lake Gaston NC and Lake Gaston VA.

Your Interests Are Represented

You are invited to bring individual concerns to the attention of the Association by contacting either the Chairperson for the Committee covering your issue, or one of your county Directors. Board Meetings are held monthly on the first Wednesday and are open to all members and visitors. Our Directors and Committee Chairs invite your phone calls and welcome your email or letters.




We Bring Local Government to You

Our monthly member meetings generally feature a brief presentation and question and answer period by Guest Speakers from local county governments and other influential organizations.


  • LOCAL INVOLVEMENT:  LGA Directors reside full time in Lake Gaston VA & NC, and have daily access to news and issues concerning the Lake. Your Board is actively and heavily involved in the community, attends county meetings, serves on Boards of other organizations (i.e. the LG Weed Control Council, FERC Relicensing Committee, etc.), and reacts on behalf of our Members, to events that have an impact on our property values and enjoyment.
  • EXPERIENCE: Working for You - Your Board of Directors consists of individuals with a remarkable amount of knowledge, expertise and talent, drawn from years of experience in industry and public service. The majority also volunteer their time with other civic organizations to improve the quality of life on Lake Gaston VA & NC.
  • EMERGENCY ALERTS: (Phone & Email) - When emergency weather conditions or lake levels (high or low) become potentially hazardous to property owners, boaters, swimmers, etc., the LGA activates its "LGAlert" program, upon which the LGA Directors immediately implement a "telephone tree" process by phoning designated contacts of Homeowner Associations to alert them of the current or potentially hazardous situations that may warrant immediate attention. We also send an email to members with the Alert information.

    When the conditions are not as potentially critical (and particularly helpful to non-resident property owners, or those without boat lifts), members of the LGA (who have provided an email address) are also sent an "LGAdvisory" to warn members that lake level conditions may warrant special attention.
  • BULLETINS:  Members of the LGA stay informed by receiving bi-monthly Bulletins addressing Lake issues and newsworthy events (via mail or email).
  • WEBSITE:  The LGA website is updated regularly with current news and information, board meeting minutes, and links to other websites of interest.
  • SPONSORED FORUMS:  The LGA organizes and sponsors forums for the public on such issues as Neighborhood Crime Watch, Candidates for Public Office, Special Service Tax Districts, etc.
  • COST SAVING BENEFITS:  Discounts for Internet Service Provider.