Government Relations Committee

  •   Meets:  3rd Tuesday of each month at 8:30AM at the Tammy's Place at 239 Hwy 158 in Littleton, NC 27850
  •   Email:
  •   Chair:  Don Carson  -  (252) 257-6571


Committee Mission Statement / Function


Political liaison; insures that county commissioners and state representatives are kept informed about LGA activities; attends commissioners’/supervisors’ meetings, expresses LGA views, and reports to LGA on matters that could impact the Lake community at the county, state and federal level. Interacts with Homeowner Associations of Lake Gaston subdivisions.


Primary Function...

Sets forth initiatives to have an LGA representative at each of the five county commissioner/supervisor and other monthly meetings. Develops Focus/Position Papers that represent the view of members across the two-state, five county Lake area. Assists property owners by addressing problems of a lake-wide nature related to violations of county ordinances such as: zoning issues, noise problems, use of property, fire hazards, etc. Alerts LGA Board of any activity deemed to impact the well being of Lake Gaston residents. Facilitates voter education by holding “Meet the Candidate” Forums prior to primary and general elections, and encourages voter registration through informational articles in bi-monthly LGA Bulletins.


Current Projects

Information on Fire Departments serving Lake Gaston Communities ...

The table provided below is intended to assist LGA members with information about local fire departments’ insurance ratings, which are important when an insurance company determines the cost of insurance for a homeowner. Fire departments are inspected periodically to ensure they are maintaining the requisite qualifications for their rating. When fire departments improve on those qualifications they can request additional inspections in an attempt to get their rating increased. A rating of 10 is the lowest score. Most rural fire departments have a rating of 9, because it is very difficult for rural areas, which primarily use volunteers, to qualify for a better rating. The insurance ratings may change periodically, so the LGA will attempt to keep the table up to date. Any member who learns of a change is urged to notify the LGA.


Littleton Rural6
NorthamptonRoanoke-Wildwood (F60)6
Roanoke-Wildwood (F61)6
WarrenChurchill Five Forks6
Lake Gaston9
MecklenburgLake Gaston9
Palmer Springs9


A few fire departments are listed more than once, because those fire departments provide services across county lines. If your property is more than 1,000 feet from a working fire hydrant, then the insurance rating will be considered a 9. Tax rates for North Carolina counties can be found on the annual tax bill sent to all property owners. In Virginia, funding for fire departments is provided through state and county funds, so a tax rate is not established by each county.


For more information, you may email or call (252) 586-6577 or toll free (800) 586-6577.