Lake Environmental Monitors (LEM)

LGA Recommended Checklist

It is important to note any unusual occurrences regarding Lake Environment Issues by making a log. When making a log of occurrences or preparing to report issues, please make a record of the location such as north or south shore of which creek or cove or by a map location or GPS coordinates.


Note Occurrences such as:

1.  Runoff from a construction area causing siltation

2.  Appearance of foam like substances

3.  Concentrations of trash, Waste/sewer leakage, or Odiferous water or drainage

4.  Numerous floating/dead fish or birds

5.  Floating or submerged debris (from fallen trees or near water construction)

6.  Boats, water toys or other recreation items that are adrift

7.  Buoys not operating properly or out of position


Items 1, 2, and 3 above - Please report to all of the following:

Dominion Power – Nancy Hux at (252) 535-6899

North Carolina - NC Dept of Water Quality (919) 791-4200 - Weekends & Emergencies call
(800) 858-0368

Virginia - Brunswick Co: Department of Environmental Quality (804) 527-5042 or 527-5173
Mecklenburg Co: Department of Environmental Quality (434) 582-6233 / 6236


Items 4 and 5 above - Please report to all of the following:

North Carolina – (800) 662-7137

Virginia – (800) 662-7137


Items 6 above - Please report to the following:

If an item has a registry number – record and contact appropriate Wildlife or Game Dept.


Items 7 above - Please report to all of the following:

Mile markers – email and call Dominion Power at (252) 535-6161 ext 3

Danger/Hazard Buoys in North Carolina call 1-919-707-0150

Danger/Hazard Buoys in Brunswick County, VA call 1-434-636-2025

Danger/Hazard Buoys in Mecklenburg County, VA call the County Administrator 1-434-738-6191


Other Items of Concern:

Abundance of Noxious plants: – Please note any new patterns or abundance of noxious plants or native plants.

Triploid Carp: – Please note any activity / presence by triploid carp.

Plant / Carp Patterns: – Please provide collected information regarding plant patterns or carp on a monthly basis to the County captain.


Safe Boating:

What To Look For: – If you observe specific violations of safe boating rules or criminal activity contact the nearest law enforcement or wildlife enforcement office.

Who To Contact: – Emergency Medical Services or Fire Emergencies call 911 and explain where you are.
Virginia Sheriff Departments:  Brunswick - (434) 848-3133 or (800) 8484-3199; Mecklenburg - (434) 738-6171.
North Carolina Sherriff Departments:
Halifax - (252) 583-8521; Northampton - (252) 534-2611; Warren - (252) 257-3364